I explore British, Foreign and Commonwealth stamps with articles in Stamp Collector. These include a regular series of ‘Celebrated Sets’ and occasional opinion pieces.

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September 2019
Factual: Germany 1933 – 39
Celebrated Sets: France. Productions De Luxe 1953 – 55.
August 2019
Factual: German States (2)
Celebrated Sets: Trans-Jordan. Tourist promotion 1933
July 2019
Factual: German States (1)
Celebrated Sets: Portugal. Prince Henry the Navigator
June 2019
Celebrated Sets: Belgium. Orval Abbey restoration
May 2019
Factual: The GB Castles stamps (2)
Celebrated Sets: Cyprus. 50th anniversary of British Rule
April 2019
Factual: The GB Castles stamps (1)
Celebrated Sets: Swiss Definitives 1960
March 2019
Curiosities: Return to Clipperton Island
Celebrated Sets: Don Quixote
February 2019
Celebrated sets: Angola Birds
Curiosities: Forerunners
January 2019
Celebrated Sets: Canada Jubilees
Curiosities: Postmasters Provisionals
December 2018
Factual: End of World War One (2)
Celebrated Sets: Greece Olympic Games
Curiosities: The long, long sets
November 2018
Factual: End of World War One (1)
Celebrated Sets: Italy Provincial Occupations
Curiosities: The I Chang courier service
October 2018
Celebrated sets: USA Columbians
Curiosities: Stamps and advertising
September 2018
Factual: Great Expositions (2)
Curiosities: Stamps of Clipperton Island
August 2018
Factual: Great Expositions (1)
Curiosities: Soviets take over philately
July 2018
Factual: Egypt (2)
Curiosities: Inside Jobs
Opinion: The Imperial Update
June 2018
Factual: Egypt (1)
Curiosities: Tristan da Cunha Resettlement
May 2018
Curiosities: Postal Stones of the Cape
April 2018
Factual: Tibet
Curiosities: Falklands or Malvinas?
March 2018
Factual: 'Post Office' Mauritius
Curiosities: ‘Chomeurs Intellectuels
February 2018
Factual: Cape Triangulars
Curiosities: Pre-cancelled stamps
January 2018
Factual: North Borneo
Curiosities: Oxford and Cambridge College stamps
December 2017
Factual: 1d and 2d 'Stars'
Curiosities: Black Triangular
November 2017
Factual: Russian Revolution (2)
Curiosities: Mayfair Find
Curiosities: Stamps of Bateken
October 2017
Factual: Russian Revolution (1)
Factual: Stamp Repairs
Curiosities: Stamps of Bateken
September 2017
Factual: Stamp Perforation
Curiosities: Ocean Letters
August 2017
Factual: Singapore
Curiosities: Prince Consort Essays
July 2017
Curiosities: Stamp Art
June 2017
Factual: US Transcontinental Mail (2)
Curiosities: Colour Trials
Opinion: Machins
May 2017
Factual: US Transcontinental Mail (1)
Curiosities: The Zemstvo posts of Russia
April 2017
Curiosities: Uganda
Missionary Stamps
March 2017
Factual: Early Portugal
Curiosities: Pigeon Post
February 2017
Factual: War Tax stamps
Curiosities: The Dublin Find
Opinion: The future
January 2017
Curiosities: Hologram stamps
Opinion: Mixtures
December 2016
Curiosities: Fancy Cancels
Opinion: Lost stamps
November 2016
Factual: GB Official Stamps
Curiosities: Balbo’s seaplane flights
Opinion: Stamps in context
October 2016
Curiosities: Steamship Co stamps
September 2016
Factual: Austro-Hungarian Empire
Curiosities: William Dockwra
Opinion: Plating 1d blacks
August 2016
Curiosities: Glider Mail
July 2016
Factual: Stamp Shades
Opinion: Different shapes:
June 2016
Factual: Stationery and accessories
Curiosities: Pneumatic Mail:
Opinion: History, Protest:
May 2016
Boules de Moulins:
Philatelic heroes:
April 2016
Curiosities, Submarine Mail:
Opinion, Royal Mail:
March 2016
Factual Postal Stationery:
Opinion, Album Repair:
February 2016
Opinion Stamp Shops:
January 2016
Opinion Millennium Madness:
December 2015
Factual Italian States (2):
Opinion, Definitives:
November 2015
Italian States (1):
Opinion Space fillers:
October 2015
Edward Provisionals.
September 2015
Embossed Issues.
Printed Albums
August 2015
Line Engraved.
Quality Rarity Value
October 2014
Factual. Morocco and Levant.
July 2015
Britain’s Greek Islands.
June 2015
Opinion. Portobello. Not your average stamp market.
May 2015
Factual. Some other SG1s.
April 2015
Factual. The Unification Set.
March 2015
Factual. German Colonies.
December 2014
Factual. When Gibraltar Went Spanish.
August 2014
Opinion. The Club Packet.
June 2014
Factual. The back of a stamp.
April 2014
Factual. Classic British Guiana.
January 2014
Opinion. Mint or used?
February 2014
Factual. Hyperinflation Stamps.
July 2013
Factual. Europe’s First Single Currency
June 2013
Opinion. Picked Collections
January 2013
Factual. The ‘Victor Hugo’ Cover
December 2012
Factual. Shah Ahmed Mirza.
August 2012
Opinion. The Changing Status of Stamps
May 2012
Opinion. Stamps Vs Other Collectables
April 2012
Factual. Victorian Postal Forgeries